The Make Up of Dayton Ohio

Dated: April 1 2021

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The Make Up of Dayton Ohio

So you're moving here to the Dayton area, and you're wondering what the makeup of the area is, pretty much where stuff is at. Well, in this video, my team and I came up with the top areas that people typically move to when they move here to Dayton and some interesting information about it. 

So let's get into it and let's talk about Dayton, Ohio.

First things first, why would you want to move to our area here in Dayton? Well, it's a really exciting and growing culture here. I mean, this area took a big hit during the recession back in 2007, and it's now coming back up. Manufacturing jobs did leave, some are coming back. We're seeing technology. Medical's huge here. It's a great place to work and it's in a very vibrant city, as things are growing. It was actually voted one of the top 10 places to work. How cool is that?

It also has great highway systems here. If you've ever been somewhere where you've got drive all over the place, it takes forever to get somewhere, not here in Dayton. No matter where you live in any of the places that we talk about today, you're going to be 15 to 30 minutes pretty much from everything you want to do. So the highway systems here are amazing. Also, we do have great food here, anything from Indian to Mexican, do your favorite fast food joint. We've got it all here in Dayton and it's delicious.

Also, we have great outdoor activities and festivals in this area. Again, you're only about 30 minutes from hitting a great trail or to go to any of the festivals that are constantly going on here through the spring all the way through the fall. Obviously, the fall being a little bit more of the festival time period here; however, it is a great place to be. And, of course, we do have the four seasons here. I'm not talking about the band or the hotel... Man, I must've dated myself talking that way. Anyway, we do have the spring, summer, fall, and well, obviously the winter here. But other than that, it's a great place to live.

Okay. So enough with that, let's talk about Dayton and the surrounding areas and how it is made up here. Let's start with downtown Dayton. Now, again, as I mentioned before, it did take a bit of a hit during the recession and the auto industry went up and left town. Right? Now, they've been building things back up since then. So it's a revitalized downtown and it's really, really nice.

Now there are small little pockets in there, and I'll mention a few here. Big one is the Oregon District. Now, there's a bunch of bars and restaurants and things like that that people like to frequent down there. It's really, really fun place to go hang out. You also have another couple of places around that area, typically south of downtown, where people like to move to, and they are considered the historic districts. You've got South Park, Historic Inner East, those sort of areas where people like to move to.

Now let's get into the suburbs. Just south, we have Oakwood. Now, Oakwood was one of Dayton's first suburbs and it is in very close proximity to downtown. It's also in close proximity to the University of Dayton, and it's one of the most affluent communities here in the Dayton area, and arguably one of the best school systems here in the area as well. If you go further south, you're going to hit Kettering. Now, Kettering is mostly residential. It has a Trader Joe's, and it has some great parks there where they do hold a lot of the festivals that I was just talking about.

Move west and you have Moraine. Now, this was a thriving industrial district back when the auto industry was really settled in here. Now, not so much, but it's on the comeback trail. You're seeing a lot more renovated homes and things coming back up in that area. Now move just southwest of there and you're going to hit West Carrollton. That's got a small suburban feel, good proximity to do things. However, it is not a lot of stuff to do in West Carrollton, but really nice community and people.

Now go southwest a little bit further and you're going to hit Miamisburg. I personally really love this area. It's got a great downtown area that was built up in the 1800s, lots of cool shops and historic buildings and lots of things to do. They've got their Riverside Park there where they'll hold a lot of different festivals throughout the year. There's great parks, just a cool place to just go hang out.

Now let's go east and head into Centerville. Now, Centerville, if you head down their main street, there's a lot of really nice restaurants and things to go there. There's a donut shop there that I just had this past weekend, which was amazing. So, again, the food in this area is really, really good. In there, you're also going to see that they have great schools in Centerville, as well as being right in close proximity to the Dayton Mall, restaurants, and lots of things to do. Great thing about that, if you look on a map to see where the Dayton Mall is, all around there is where all the shops, the movie theater, Lowe's, all those places that you're going to go out and go shopping, is right there.

Now, if you go south of Centerville, you're going to hit Springboro, another very highly desirable place. It's got great schools, again, arguably some of the best in the area. I don't know, they could probably have the Oakwood and Springboro school just duke it out, whoever is better with that. They have an updated community feel, again, one of the more affluent places in the area, larger homes with bigger lots and a little bit more updated.

If you just go southeast of downtown Dayton, you're going to hit Beavercreek, again, great schools, lots of things to do in the community. You've got the green. You've got Fairfield Mall, all sorts of good things that people travel out to get to. They got some really nice homes in some of the areas here, a little bit newer builds. It's definitely a great place to move to.

Moving north, you're going to hit Riverside. Now this is just East of Dayton and just outside of the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. It's got mostly a suburban feel, really not a whole lot to do, but really great home prices and very, very affordable. Just on the other side of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, you also have Fairborn. It is a smaller community, again, with pretty good-sized homes as well. It's just a little bit bigger than Riverside, so take your pick.

All right. Now, if you move northeast of Dayton, you're going to hit Huber Heights, or commonly called here just Huber. It is a great family area, little bit older homes, lots of things to do for you and the family and just a great community feel. And the last one that we do have for you is north of downtown called Vandalia. Now, it's right next to the Dayton Airport. It's got a very strong community, lots of family activities and really good schools.

So that's all that we have for you for the makeup of the Dayton area. Now, again, we didn't hit everything today, but we did hit the top areas that people typically like to move to when they do get here. If you have any questions about anything that I spoke about here today, go ahead and leave them in the comments below. If there's something that you really like about your community that you'd like to put on here, we love those comments. So again, put them in the 
If you are moving to our area or throughout our area and that you'd like some help or have some questions, again, give us a call, text or email, and we'll help you out the best way we can get. 

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