7 Easy Steps to Move to Destin-Fort Walton Beach Florida

Dated: January 25 2022

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7 Easy Steps to Move to Destin-Fort Walton Beach Florida

So, you're moving here to the Destin Fort Walton Beach area, and you're wondering, what the steps are for moving here? Well, our team has come up with the top 7 things that you'll need to go ahead do to make sure that it's the easiest move possible and you want to stick around to the end because, believe me, I believe that's the most fun. Oh, yeah, so stay tuned.

Alright, so let's get right into it for the 7 steps to make it easy for you when you move here.

1. Contact the Whittemore Group

First, you want to start off by contacting us, you can give us a call, send us a text, shoot us an email, shoot up smoke signals if you have to. However, you need to get a hold of us. We'll make sure we have your back when you're moving to the Destin Fort Walton Beach area.

2. Set up a Zoom Call

And, next on our list is to go ahead and set up a zoom call with us. If you're not familiar with what Zoom is. It's a video conference where you can on your phone or on your computer. See face-to-face and we can share our screen and go over everything you need to know about moving to our area. I mean, what we'll do is, we'll go ahead and talk about the market, where we're at now, where we see it going. Then we'll talk about everything that you need to know from where you are right now to keys in hand as a homeowner. Whether it's your first home, your second home, or your 50th. We're going to teach you everything or at least review for you so that you'll be comfortable with buying in our area. 

3. Build a Customized Search

And, the third step will be that we will build a customized search for you. So, we'll talk about the different areas and the pros and cons. We'll talk about money, what the money can get for you in each area, and will also determine what's really important to you. That's where we put you to work. So, we're going to really dig deep and you're going to have to come up with five top must-haves for what you're looking for, in a home. That way, we can make sure we find exactly what you're looking for. That's right. It's to ensure that you get what you want, right?

4. Use a Local Lender

We're going to hook you up with a local lender here. Now, give me wrong, will work with whatever lender that you want. But we want to make sure that you're taking care of, the best that we possibly can. So, what we'll do is, we'll let you know what different types of loans that we do have here and how that goes with what Florida does for you and for those loans. Such things as VA, FHA, conventional, even portfolio loans. We'll give you all the information that we can. If it's beyond our scope, we'll send you to the professional.

5. Schedule Showings

And, our fifth step would be to set up times to see these homes. We're going to make sure we go with whatever works for you. So, we can do virtual showings. We can do that by Zoom or FaceTime, Skype. I've even had to use Facebook Messenger because that's what it came down to. However, we need to get you to see are these homes through virtual showings, we can make it work. Or, we can schedule a house-hunting trip. So, we're we scheduled time whenever you and your family are going to be in the area and we'll go ahead and schedule showings and we'll make sure we check as much property as we can while you're currently in the area. And, you also have the option to just wait until you arrive in town. But just, make sure that you know that the process does take 30 to 60 days to get keys in hand. That's right. So, if you are deciding to wait to check out the area, which is perfectly fine. You just have to have a place to temporarily stay, as you're looking, finding, and going under contract, until you finally get keys to go ahead and move into your property.

6. Expert Lead Guide

So, that leaves us to number six, which is we're going to guide you through the entire process. That's all the way from figuring out which houses to go to, going to preview them, and tell you really what to pay attention to as you're going through those homes. As much as we like to get emotionally involved in these houses, it's really important that you're checking out the things that you told us that were important to you. Next after that, we're going to go ahead and give you some estimated cost as we put offers together, so you know where your money's going. Well, granted it won't be the exact amount towards closing, but at least give you a good idea. And, before we submit the offer, we're going to write it together. We're going to ask you some questions to ensure that we're writing it up specifically the way that you want. Then we're going to go through that entire contract with you. Now, normally what we're going to do is just kind of give you the cliff notes version of what you need to know. However, if you want us to go through every line by line and explain it for you. Well, we can do that to you until you or I fall asleep. We're also, once we are under contract and we're done with the negotiation parts, or also going to do is, give you an idea of what the process is going to be, and explain what to anticipate moving forward. That's as far as inspections, appraisals, all that other stuff that's going on in the background. So, our team, we are going to make sure that you're taken care of and that you're up to date on everything that you need to know. And of course, we have our final walkthrough, where we're going to go through the house together to ensure that the house was in the same condition we saw it the first time. All of the items we ask them to fix are, well, fixed, right? And they got all their stuff out of there. Once that's good, the next day you'll go in and you'll sign a whole bunch of papers will give you some keys will take a selfie together, goes on the internet and everybody's happy. Exciting times.

7. Enjoy Life on the Emerald Coast

So, that leads us to the last step. That's when you get to start enjoying your life on the Emerald Coast. Alright, you got to make sure you buy some new beach gear if you haven't already. And, just head on out to the beach enjoy some sun. And, you also want to make sure you check out the harbor walk, there's lots to do out there. Or, you can hitch a ride on a boat out to Crab Island. Just guarantee you that you will have tons of fun out here on the Emerald Coast. I'm getting excited just thinking about it. Yeah.

Well, that's all that we have for you for the 7 easy steps for moving to our area. If you have anything else that you have questions on or you want to add anything, feel free to call/text us at 850.320.7757 or email us at Admin@WhittemoreGroupRE.com

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