Oakwood Ohio Living Pros and Cons

Dated: April 3 2021

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Oakwood Ohio Living Pros and Cons

So you're moving here to the Dayton area and you're considering moving to Oakwood, but you're curious what the pros are and what the cons are for living in this area. Well, my team and I came up with the top five pros and top five cons for living in Oakwood. 

So let's talk about Oakwood, the pros and the cons.

Well, let's start off with the cons. Number one: well, honestly, Oakwood's going to be a bit expensive. Average cost to actually purchase a home in this area is $276,000, just on average to purchase a home here. Now, that can go all the way up to $1.1 million, which is a super nice house, all the way down to the $49,900. Now that's obviously going to be like a foreclosure or something that's falling in on itself, but yes, that's going to be your average for actually getting a house here.

Number two is the small close-knit community. So if you're one of those people that like to kind of stay off the grid and never talk to anyone, well, this place probably isn't the place for you. They have extremely friendly and outgoing people in this community. If you're out walking around, people are waving, they want to start a conversation and get to know you, so just a great community here.

Number three: there's too many dining and shopping options. So if you like to have one or two restaurants, and those may be just a couple of fast food, and you only want to shop at one place like Walmart or something like that, well, this definitely isn't the place for you.

If you're in Oakwood, then it is very evident as you go down to the shops of Oakwood of what is down there. You've got everything from specialty coffee, pastries, ice creams, delis, you name it, it's probably there. If it's not there, then you're only a short drive away to whatever sort of food that you desire.

All right. Number four is probably too many parks. So if you like nothing but residence after residence, home after home and no public spaces whatsoever, well, this place probably isn't the best for you. There are 11 different parks, beautifully maintained parks in Oakwood. You've got everything from dog parks to sports complexes to beautiful gardens and even a splash pad for the kids. So there's lots of parks, lots of great things, lots of places to go out with, lots of green spaces.

And number five: the crime rates are just a little too low. Well, if you like the sound of sirens every day and sporadically throughout the day, well, this probably isn't the place for you. On a scale from 1 to 100, Oakwood is only a 10.1 for violent crime and only 27.5 for property crime. So the crime is very, very low in Oakwood and the police are very visible and around the area to ensure that.

All right, let's jump on over to the pros side.

Let's start with number one, is the bike trail and river walk area. You've got 330 miles of trails just throughout Dayton and the surrounding areas, that goes down to Cincinnati, obviously through Dayton, up to Greenville, out through Springfield and almost, almost to Columbus. They're multi-use trails, so if you like to walk, you like to bike or run, there's just great places, well-kept trails just to go around.

And number two, is it's central to everything. Oakwood is actually the first suburb of Dayton, so it's minutes away from Downtown. It's only 20 minutes from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and it's minutes away from the Miami Valley Hospital. And it's right next to the Dayton University, so just a great location.

Number three is it's got a great, friendly community. People every single day, you're going to see them walking, jogging, riding bikes, they're very friendly and outgoing people.

All right, and number four is just the gorgeous housing and community that is in Oakwood. As you drive through, you're going to see some of the most gorgeous houses in the Dayton and surrounding areas. You're going to see these houses that are a million dollars plus. You're going to see people that just take a lot of pride in making sure that their house looks nice, the yard's always nicely taken care of. People really take pride in the porches and they make it all decorated out. It's just a great time if you want to go out in the weekend and just check out the community, just to see how great it actually looks.

And number five, as promised, is the schools. The schools in Oakwood are actually one of the best in the state of Ohio. It's actually rated A+. It has a great concentration for academics, there's clubs and sports pretty much for everyone that goes to the school. So the schools have been boasted probably the best thing that you're going to find in Oakwood.

Well, that's all that we have for you for the pros and for the cons of living in Oakwood. If you have something else that you really, really like about Oakwood that we didn't mention here, make sure to leave it in the comments below. If you have any questions about anything that we talked about, again, you can leave them in the comments below or you can simply give us a call or a text.

And, of course, if you need some help, if you're moving to Oakwood or the surrounding areas, go ahead and reach back out to us; again, email, text, phone call, whatever you need to do, we've got your back when moving here to the Dayton area. 

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